For those of us that love riding every chance we get, a folding bike is wonderful to have. They are so easy to take places on buses, trains, planes, cars, and boats, that we end up bringing and riding in lots of places where we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We can even rent you a folding bike to bring on your next trip.

Neil’s Folding Bike – The Brompton

“This is such a great bike for traveling around the city from place to place. It is small, easy to carry, very quick to fold and crazy fun to ride.”
– Neil, Owner of Montlake Bike Shop

Our Folding Stock

(Current inventory may vary)

Dahon MU SL
For the rider that wants one bike to handle any type of riding. Built with the responsive Dalloy Aluminum Mu frame and fast rolling paired spoke wheels, that is fast but can handle any terrain. SRAM Apex Road shifting is fast and reliable. The Mu SL does great through the climbs or on a riverside bike path.
Brompton bikes are available with varied handlebar heights, for whatever travel style you prefer.
  • H-Type: A markedly more upright riding position, for those who like to travel with unhurried style, taking in the journey along the way.
  • M-Type: A fairly upright ride with excellent control and scope for a little fore/aft adjustment. The M Type is the all-rounder in the Brompton range and remains the most popular.
  • P-Type: A hybrid between the S-Type and M-Type handlebars. Designed with the tourer in mind, offering two riding positions, one for hills and city riding and the lower one for fighting head winds! Due to the combination of riding positions available, the P-type handlebar is designed to reduce fatigue in the wrists and arms thus making it suitable for longer rides.
  • S-Type: The lightest, and arguable prettiest, Brompton. The grips are lower and further forward than on the M-Type, for a sporty riding position.