Lynskey has been building titanium frames for many years. They offer a variety of styles of bikes that are designed and built to the highest standards for quality, performance and durability.

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Lynskey Cooper CX
  • Square shaped 3/2.5 titanium tubeset
  • Disc brakes
  • Clearance for 40mm tires
  • Rack and fender mounts
  • Made in USA
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Lynskey R460
The R460 is a true race bike with incredible stiffness for ultimate power transfer on the road. The R460 is loaded with features and benefits that match the needs of professionals: fast, light, aerodynamic, ergonomic, near-silent, and ground breaking technology. Made for the competitive racer, pushing huge wattage over long criteriums or road races.
Lynskey Sportive Disc
The Lynskey Sportive is the perfect choice for medium to long distance endurance events. Made with curved seatstays for added comfort and a semi-relaxed geometry, the Sportive is a well-balanced and reliable machine for long days, rough roads, commutes and touring.
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Lynskey Backroad
The Backroad is Lynskeys' fully loaded touring bike. Its strong and stable for middle to long distances touring and commuting. Our fully loaded, self supported touring bike does not have a weight limit in the frameset, it is the strongest touring frame available. The employed disc brakes provide high stopping power and are resistent to water, mud and grime. The durability of the frame is unwavering with titanium craftmanship resistent to scratches and corrosion.